Cornlings Visit Devonport Live

On February 22nd I braved the rain to take my Cornlings on a visit to Devonport Live in George Street, Plymouth. I was invited to read my first story book Tales Of The Enchanted Cornlings, I was delighted to accept the invitation.

I read to a small audience who I must thank for sitting brilliantly and for making me feel very welcome! My personal Big Softie Cornling named Clementine was a huge hit and got lots of cuddles, she was thrilled to have so much attention. It was definitely worth going out in the rain for. The community space has been made into a beautiful gallery with comfy sofas and a great cafe; I highly recommend the hot chocolate and I have tasted quite a few hot chocolates in my lifetime! If you are local and have not visited I think you should go and have a look around I bet you will be surprised.

I am happy to say that I have been invited back to Devonport Live to read my second book The Enchanted Tale Of The Pirate Cornling which I am thoroughly looking forward to so please look out for more information soon.

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