Bears Have Been Updated

I love making bears, seeing the flat piece of fabric coming to life and all of a sudden you just have a little character in your hands, stuffed full of love and full of life.

HOWEVER my husband is the photographer, not me and I am ashamed to say that I often get quite lazy and end up just popping a quick phone picture online. I am not suprised that this has slowed down the amount of bear adoptions happening in my online shops.

Today I bit the bullet and photographed my entire range of adoptable bears. It was lovely to have a look at them all as they are stored in beautiful gift boxes most of the time to keep them nice for their adoptive parents.

I am delighted to say that I have sat for the past 6 hours and uploaded them all to Etsy where you can find them all. The feeling of ticking that job off of my to do list is immense! I hope that you like the photographs and that maybe a few more of my little orphansfind forever homes!

I must try to be better in the future. xxx

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