Stoke Climsland Primary School Meet The Cornlings

On Thursday 11th May I was invited to read my first story The Tales Of The Enchanted Cornlings to the children of Stoke Climsland Primary School and the wonderful volunteers that take their time to go and listen to the children read.

I was thrilled to tell them all about the Cornlings and a little about me, it was a wonderful experience and I hope the children had as much fun as I did, I know that we giggled A LOT!


I was a bundle of nerves before I went in, but organiser Ruth and all of the staff made me feel right at home, the children were an absolute delight and the school should be very proud of such amazing behaviour and beautiful manners. The children asked lots of brilliant questions that really started my cogs turning, questions like ‘Is it harder to write in rhyme?’ or ‘Where do Cornlings Sleep?’.

I took along one of my big softie Cornlings who belongs to my son and is named Reddy. He was a big hit and he loved getting lots of cuddles and being thrown about too! He got a nice reward for helping me out when Harrison Webbling decided to take him ice skating …  Thank you for your help Reddy.sam2

With such a warm welcome and a captive audience, it wasn’t long before I felt more comfortable and I can genuinely say that it was one of the most uplifting experiences of my career as an author and illustrator to date. I really do love my job.

Thank you to everyone involved and a special thank you to Amy Vickery-Sabine for organising the event and to Ruth who saved the day with a few pennies for the Tamar Bridge on my way back in to Devon (although being stranded in Cornwall is no bad thing!). It could not of been any better.

Now I must prepare the Cornlings for their next adventure at Spellbound Goblin and Fairy Festival on Sunday 21st!

Sweet Dream xxx


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