Modern Calligraphy Workshop

In June my amazing husband bought me a ticket to go to a Beginners Modern Calligraphy Workshop. I have always admired beautiful handwriting and I genuinely LOVE stationary so this gift was perfect. As you can see from my social media posts, online tutorials can only get you so far, sometimes you need a professional teacher!

Hosted by Anon Design and held at The Wedding Hub this workshop was a wonderful experience and one that I want to share with you all.

We were greeted w19885864_10155293593506047_1426895978_oarmly in this beautiful creative space, tables were set with our names and stunning flowers were the centerpieces. Offered a cup of tea and given a lovely introduction into all of the equipment we would be using and amazingly getting to take home too!

Everything was organised so smoothly and flowed so well that everything was perfectly calm, there was no pressure and it genuinely was for absolute beginners, I was in luck!

I panicked a little when we went round the table to introduce ourselves, wow, things like that really make me nervous! But everyone was there to learn and I soon felt at ease after mumbling something about being a children’s author and bear maker. 19850619_10155293593521047_349414311_o

We started with ‘simple’ drills … OK, it is easy to say they are simple now that I have been practicing them for a while BUT when I first put nib to ink I was nothing short of terrified! That being said, I soon found that mistakes will happen and the world wont end, or more importantly, no one is going to tell you off! It was so laid back despite the obvious concentration from all attendees.

There were moments of absolute silence, you could just hear the scratching of the nibs on paper because the workshop was so engaging and it seemed that everyone wanted to give it 100% attention, hopefully I wasn’t sticking my tongue out like I do sometimes when I concerntrate!


Of course there was a little chatter and a break where we were given more tea and cupcakes. I think I had found a little piece of heaven on earth in Plymouth that day, surrounded by stationary and flowers, drinking tea and eating cake, it doesn’t get much better!

We continued to practice, upper and lower case letters in the black ink. It is really not easy, you have to stop thinking about how you have been taught to write letters all of your life and really focus on the shapes that you want to make. The worksheets that mapped out the letters were an absolute god send for this! 19885950_10155293593596047_10026959_o

Then we were introduced to the coloured inks and the metallic inks, I think I can pin point this moment as the point where my addiction for modern calligraphy actually kicked in! I had gone from trying a bit of brush lettering at home with the Webblings Crayola markers to being allowed to try pastel and metallic inks with an actual calligraphy pen! The biggest shock to me was that I wasn’t completely awful! Two hours later I had completed a little piece that I could not wait to show my family, that I was really proud of and that is now hanging on the wall above my desk at home.

I was absolutely delighted by the entire experience and I have been recommending the workshop, which is currently run once a month(ish), constantly to people who see my practice attempts. In the month that has followed I have not been able to stop playing with my ink and nib. I have joined a collective group of calligraphy enthusiasts and still receive guidance and encouragement from Anon Design. I cannot thank them enough for such a wonderful experience and I look forward to attending another workshop in the future. xxx

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