31 lucky for some! 

Today is my 31st birthday and although I wouldn’t usually work on my birthday, today there are two reasons why I am. Firstly, I am sat in a freezing cold ice rink while my Webblings practice figure skating, drinking copious amounts of tea for warmth and sitting next to my wonderful husband who I have to thank for the second reason that I am working … my sparkly new iPad and keyboard which I just could not wait to try out! So here I am sat in the cold, telling you all about why 31st birthday and why I feel so very lucky. 

I was woken up this morning (possibly a little earlier than I had hoped) by two very excited Webblings who could not wait to see me open my gifts; despite the fact that they knew what was in the pretty wrapped pink parcels,and one very excited husband who realised that thanks to my love of pancakes and maple syrup, complete with hash browns from a certain fast food restaurant, he would in fact legitimately have access to a burger for his breakfast! 

As I unwrapped my cards and gifts it was hard not to get emotional, the thought that went into them shows just how much my family really know me, heart and soul. They are fun and functional and just perfect, I really am eternally grateful! 

Birthdays in July don’t guarantee you will have sunshine especially in the beautiful south west of England, but they do guarantee the chance for an adventure. My woodland spryte Elizabeth (Liesl to her friends) got into her party dress and we bundled into our not so convertible, convertible car, headed for Dartmoor. There was no way we were going to let the rain dampen our spirits!  
We drove through the rain, into the sunshine and then into more rain. Driving over the cattle grids is like passing through the gateway to a magical land, where phone signal is nothing but a myth and where ponies wander freely. It was a chance to get away for a while and into the really real world, for the Webblings to feel the grass beneath their toes and the cold of the fresh streams as we got a little more wet than we had originally planned. Visiting Dartmoor feels like seeing the world as it really is, living, breathing and alive, even with the constant showers of rain or perhaps because of them. 

We had a gorgeous picnic, sat by the babbling water and the Webblings jumped from stone to stone in the river whilst Liesl and Bailey Bear, Lilly Webbling’s sidekick, helped themselves to a slice of my birthday cake! How cheeky! 

Of course  we headed home in time for ice skating, skating stops for nothing as small as a birthday. So as I sit in the ice rink, writing this blog post on my new toy I can’t help but feel so lucky, for my family and for how special my day has been. For my husband Jamie, who has captured every part of my day in his own artistic way and for my children who help me to see the adventures in the world. Today has been so wonderful and it will inspire me to continue on my journey as an artist and a writer. 

Samantha Webb x 


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