Kids Crafts – Kaleidoscope 

The summer holidays are in full swing and so far have been quite expensive, so today we had some arty fun with bits and pieces that we already have. We decided to make our very own kaleidoscopes and this is how we did it … 

We grabbed some toilet roll insides, packing tape, washi tape, sprinkles, colouring pens and foam stickers (all of which we had so cost us nothing) and set to work making our kaleidoscopes. 

We used the clear packaging tape to make little pouches for the glitter by overlapping it over itself, two layers for each kaleidoscope. 

We attached the first layer of clear packaging tape to the end of each paper tube and then added a pinch full of sequins and glitter on top right in the middle.

We enclosed the sparkles using the second layer of clear packaging tape. Be careful not to get tape on the glitter, you want it to move around when you turn your kaleidoscope. (That is the part we enjoyed most).

We covered the sides of the tape with a strip of washi tape to make sure all of the edges of the clear tape were secure and just to make it a little bit prettier too. Then the decoration began of the outside of the kaleidoscopes. 

We used foam stickers with self adhesive backing and colouring pens to make the outside all sparkly and exciting. From start to finish the whole activity took around ten minutes and was relatively mess free. Then it was time to play. 

Simple to make, super cheap and all of the children had a lot of fun playing with their new toys, shaking the glitter and twisting it around in the sunshine. My beautiful goddaughters were delighted to take theirs home and my Webblings have proudly put their’s on display this evening ready to play with again tomorrow. 

If you decide to try making one, I hope that you have loads of fun and that your little ones enjoy the activity as much as we did. 

Samantha Webb x

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