Webb Review – Love Your Rabbit


As a family we love to read, I am a children’s author and illustrator primarily because I love children’s picture books and think that they are suitable for any audience, Lilly Webbling is still enamoured by many children’s books at the grand old age of 10 and three quarters. Harrison Webbling cannot get enough and every night he asks for ‘just one more’ no matter how many we have read or how many times he has heard the same story.

So we have decided to tell you what we think of some of the amazing books that we have come across and new ones that we discover. I may use hyperbole and diluted adjectives but please excuse that, it really is because I am a massive book fan, as are the Webblings. I will aim to give a positive review of all books because let’s face it, there really aren’t that many ‘bad’ picture books. We will be ranking out of Webs, yep thats right, the more webs the better, 5 being the most and 1 being the least enjoyable read.

Here is our first ever Webb review …

Love Your Rabbit by Angie Rowe and Natalia Rowe

We chose this book because we have a house rabbit named Lady Peter who we genuinely do love, she is a part of our family and is crazy, fluffy and apparently likes to eat books!

Love Your Rabbit is a simple book in a series for pets each titled ‘Love Your …’, it attempts to teach children about caring for your rabbit in a very easy to understand statements. Harrison could read all of the words without help and he enjoyed the repetitiveness of the format (rabbits like this, rabbits don’t like that. On each double page.) It is a short book and is non-fiction which I had not realised before purchasing although looking back at the listing I should have done but would have purchased regardless because we like non-fiction too.

I think this is a great little book if you are considering a pet, hopefully by the time you already have the animal you should know all of these facts already. If you have a young child asking repeatedly for a rabbit as a pet I think this would be a fantastic buy to help them understand just how much work having a new pet will be. It is written in such a child friendly manner that even very young children would be able to understand what is required without getting confused by the more common reference books aimed at adults.

Lady Peter gives her approval and had a little nibble!

The illustrations are very cute but are very repetitive. They are almost identical on each page and could have been more dynamic. Harrison had only one criticism and that was that all of the happy bunnies have pointy up ears and the sad bunnies have droopy ears but happy bunnies (like Lady Peter) have droopy ears too. I think maybe if the bunny in the illustrations was given a name he would been seen as more of a character in himself and not just a representation of all bunnies.

This didn’t stop us enjoying the book which we read through 3 times in one go. Harrison even got ready for school super quick the next day to do the colouring activity in the back of the book which was a fantastic addition!

Colour me correctly? – Lady Peter lookalike it is then!
Look at that crazy moustache! – colouring page at the back of Love Your Rabbit.

All in all we would recommend this to anyone with small children who are considering getting a rabbit, just enough bite size information for them to digest without being overwhelmed. If you already have a rabbit that you love it might not be the book for you but is still a great little book at a good price.

We gave it 4 out of 5 Webs. Let us know what you think!

We gave Love Your Rabbit 4 out of 5 Webs

Samantha and Harrison x

Disclaimer : We purchased this copy from Amazon, we were not paid to make this review and it is all our own opinions.

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