Webb Review – The Birds At The Bottom Of The Garden by Carl A Mynott

The Birds At The Bottom Of The Garden is written and illustrated by Carl A Mynott of British Wildlife Tales. Fully illustrated in colour with rhyming text, this little book is a brilliant introduction to some of the varied and beautiful birds that you can find in a British garden. It encourages you to take the time to really look at them and observe what they are up to, are they collecting for their nests or waiting to catch the worms? There is a whole avian world going on around and above us and this book really gives you the inspiration to take more time to notice it.

From Grey Collared Doves to the bright blues of the Great Tit, The Birds At The Bottom Of The Garden does a great job of introducing them all. The rhyming verse keeps it fun although the lack of punctuation made it difficult for me and Harrison to read at times and is something that the author may want to look into for the second edition (of which I hope there is one).

The front cover invites you into the garden and each page tells of a different bird, followed nicely by some helpful hints to attract the birds to your garden and a helpful checklist so that children can check off the birds when they do spot them.

Harrison and The Birds At The Bottom Of The Garden.

This book was published in 2014 and I know that Carl A Mynott has published more since which we are eager to read too and will hopefully be reviewing in the not too distant future. 

Harrison learning about the wood-pigeon.

Harry enjoyed the pictures in this story, we do not have a garden and the surrounding area is full of seagulls so all of the other birds tend to keep clear however we do go to Dartmoor as often as we can and we are hoping to spot some of the birds that are in the book next time we go. Harry has recently taken an interest in photography and is hoping to get photos of the birds too. This book is definitely inspiring and makes you want to get out and about in nature. 

3.5 Webs out of 5

Harrison has awarded this book 3.5 webs out of 5 because he struggled to read the rhyming verse without punctuation but when I read it to him he really enjoyed it and he really liked the addition of the extra little creatures hidden in the backgrounds (the worm was his favourite).

The Birds At The Bottom Of The Garden is available now from Shookbop. Along with more titles from Carl A Mynott and British Wildlife Tales. But beware they will make you want to venture outdoors and go exploring! 

Thank you so much for reading our review,

Samantha and Harrison. 

Harrisons ‘would most like to see’ is the woodpecker.

NOTE – This book was sent to us for review, this is not a paid review.

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