I Completed Inktober 2021

I promised myself that I wouldn’t get too caught up in Inktober this year, I could manage my obsession with completing tasks and just have fun with it. That of course didn’t last long and before October even began I had drawn out all of the prompts ready to colour. I chose one of my characters Susie Bunny from the Fernmoor Friends who I am working on at the moment to be the star of Inktober.

As I am prone to do, in my haste I made a huge mistake … I inked my illustrations with a non-waterproof pen! I wanted an orange outline and stupidly forgot to check if it was waterproof before I began. SO I could not use watercolours to colour my illustrations as I had planned to do and had to experiment because my brain would not let me give in and just give up once I had got that far. You can see the offending orange ink in my little cover image.

I found that Ecoline Liquid Watercolour Inks did the least amount of damage to my line work. I haven’t used them very much and they are a lot harder to control than regular watercolours because they are so bright. I toned them down with a little pencil crayon on top of the dried image. The brightness of the inks really washed out my original outlines though and they looked messy so I ended up doing bold outlines in black which I wasn’t totally happy with to begin with but actually love now that I see all of the images as a collection. This years Inktober was a massive lesson in perseverance and hopefully in testing my pens before I use them too!

The cutest prompt list I could find!

Since Inktober is in the spooky season and I had chosen to follow Katnipps prompts which were halloween themed, I gathered a few bits and pieces from around my home to do some fun flat lay photographs of my sketchbook. Including my lovely little desktop skeleton Flesh Boi who makes an appearance in some of the photos. I really hope that you like them, here are all 31 images! Sadly not in order because that is far too technically advanced for me.

I am really proud of how the images came out, I have a few favourites (who wouldn’t love a bunny dressed as a pickle?) and some that I think I could of done better but on the whole I am really proud of sticking with it, remembering to post everyday and trying new mediums too. Despite the frustrations I really did have fun with it.

I am now in full swing with Gnomvember and hoping that you like my little Gnome Noah as much as you did Susie Bunny showing up in your instagram feed each morning.

Thank you so much for reading, if you completed Inktober this year too then let me know, I would love to see your completed gallery or flip through.

Samantha x

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