Colour Friday! Shop Small, Shop Local and Support INDEPENDENT Artists

Holly Tucker, founder of Holly Co. began the Colour Friday campaign to promote shopping with small businesses, supporting local businesses and helping independent artists instead of partaking in the very bleak Black Friday of the big brands. Shopping small and locally is something that our family believes in and tried to get behind all year round so I thought that it would be good today to share with you some of the amazing creatives that we have personally purchased from and would happily recommend that you spend your hard earned wages on. So join the Colour Friday campaign, when you shop independent you are making a family like mine happier, healthier and more enthused to colour this world than ever.

Who will you support today?
A Quirk Of Felt

Based in Cornwall, A Quirk Of Felt is an amazing business that is run by needle felt artist Kathy who is honestly amazing. Not only does she create whimsical characters but she can teach you how to create them too. Get in touch now across all social media!


AbbiLauraDesigns create beautiful stationary, jewellery, decorations and more. I found them via Instagram and had to make a purchase! When my order arrived it was even more gorgeous than I had anticipated and honestly I look forward to buying more, look how adorable them toast earrings are!

Epic Laser Designs

Epic Laser Designs are a new business but they are creating some amazing and unique items, I have commissioned a very special Christmas gift which I can’t share with you just yet but it is amazing, the level of care and customer service from Epic Laser Designs is second to none and I really hope that the new business keeps on in the direction they are heading!


For those who know me on social media or real life will know that I am a real fan girl for Lucisaurus who is one of my favourite artists and who I am lucky enough to say is now one of my very best friends. Meeting through the art community and bonding over our own journeys in the art world. I love to support other artists and Lucisaurus makes that easy with her cute creations and highest quality prints.

Holly Bushnell Illustrations

Holly Bushnell is an incredible illustrator with a really fun style, we own her childrens book and it is amazing. I hope to buy more as they become available. Holly is such a lovely person and when our order arrived it was like Christmas, everything was packaged with such care and attention. I am an avid follower of Holly on social media and love to see her artwork in my feed.

Dragons Of Shropshire

If you want to learn about innumerable species of dragons then this is definitely the place you want to go! Each one is needle felted and they have so much personality. Run by artist and founder Ceri Smith, I have been lucky to purchase some of Ceri’s work as gifts and honestly it is magical! I have worked with Ceri on some illustrations of her dragons and branding, I have loved every commission and I really hope to collaborate with Ceri on a dragon guide in the future!


I discovered Simons Nest during lockdown and to say that I have become a fan is really underestimating the amount that I love this brand! I wear the perfume daily and have the wax melts burning all the time too. The fragrances are just sensational and it makes me wish that you could smell them through the internet because honestly they are divine. The whole aesthetic of the business drew me in but the quality and attention that goes into each and every package (I think I’ve had 4 now) makes them feel like a real gift to open.

Money talks, what is your purse/wallet/pocket saying about you? Mine is saying that I can’t always afford to buy the best but when I can I will always look to independent artists, creators and shops.

As well as these incredible businesses I would like to give a shout out to some more amazing small businesses …

If you are local to St Blazey or happen to go past (lots of people do on the way to Cornwall) then you should stop by St Blazey Post Office and Stores, a real hub of the community run by the Haughton-Jones family who are just now celebrating the addition of their beautiful baby girl Betsy. They often run charity events and shoebox appeals and have a real old time heart of gold.

My own incredible husband Mr Jamie Webb, he is an extremely talented photographer and his portfolio is beautiful, don’t trust me though just look at his clients reviews and recommendations. He will make you feel at ease and make any shoot fun. He is one of a kind and yes I am biased but his work speaks for itself!

The Nurture Programme is a business that helps so many families overcome the burdens and stress that comes with dealing with various authorities that can become a hinderance to neurodivergent families. The work they do means so much to the families that they help and I am honoured to be able to work with them on various projects. If you need a caring hand that genuinely understands the struggles then they will not steer you wrong.

Moby and Puddle

It would be silly of me not to include my own small business in this mix because every sale helps to support my family, it makes me so happy to be able to follow my dreams and show my Webblings that they can achieve theirs too. As well as my illustrations I also create bears and own Moby and Puddle which just turned 10 years old.

SO this Colour Friday I want to thank everyone who has purchased from my shop, liked and shared my posts and helped me to grow. I hope to continue to do so for a long time but all of us small businesses need your help!

Thank you for reading,

Samantha x

P.S. Here is a shameless plug for my shop … By Samantha Webb.

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