I Finished Another Sketchbook!

I have a lot of finished sketchbooks now, I am not really sure what to do with them all. I have done videos in the past but my anxiety at the moment is really affecting me and I don’t feel confident enough to talk on camera right now. I thought that showing you a flip through on here might be a good compromise. I hope that you enjoy it.

This is a Hahnemuhle watercolour book in A5. 200gsm fine grained paper. I absolutely loved painting in this book which made me more excited to paint. I took it away with me a few times because it is a really good size to fit in my mini backpack. It lays flat and both sides are the same. I would buy another in the future. I started on 11th July and completed it on 30th November. I always have two or three sketchbooks on the go at any one point.

This little floral dino was a Draw This In Your Style challenge on Instagram set by @calliandco I am hoping to do a whole blog post on DTIYS challenges in the new year.

I had a lot of fun drawing guinea pigs on international guinea pig day! These even inspired one of my Gnomevember paintings too.

Lots of experimentation especially with paint doodles, painting without drawing beforehand. I also drew a few familiar characters, Lumpy from Winnie the Pooh was a challenge to see how small I could paint him and Ponyo was because I got the Art Of Ponyo book for my birthday and was really inspired to paint her.

This poor dinosaur doesn’t know what is going on!

I have been trying to challenge myself with new styles and push myself out of my comfort zones, I know that adding more detail to faces is a way for me to add more emotion to my illustrations so it is something that I am experimenting with. I want it to be a natural progression of my style and I feel like I am going in the right direction.

Expecto Patronum!!! Lilly and Harry had been taking Pottermore quizzes to find out their patronus’, Harry had a black swan and Lilly a bunny so I thought it would be fun to paint them casting the spells.

These are very much just doodles, practice and exercises. The Narwhal is inspired by a painting Harry created that I will show further down this post. The flowery green lady on the top row is actually a repaint of a similar illustration that I created with Brusho.

OK, I completely chickened out of painting my little cat because I was so happy with how he came out! I did try to colour him digitally but it didn’t look anywhere near what I was hoping for, I may share it in future but for now its on the digital scrap heap! I was however really proud of the little devil, the paper took so many layers of paint and they all blended beautifully.

Character development of Noah the Gnome the I drew for the entirety of Gnomevember began life in this little sketchbook.

I wanted to try gouache paint in my sketchbook, the donkey is the Caran Dache studio gouache and the swing is the gouache background with watercolour girl. They smudged a lot in my sketchbook so I regretted painting in there with them but the images came out ok. I am not a fan of a heavy black outline but I was proud of the little girl swinging onto the next page.

I wanted to try some full page illustrations, this paper is a dream to paint on and doesn’t warp or bend so it was perfect for edge to edge illustrations. These aren’t finished illustrations but they are about as far as I come in this sketchbook and I am genuinely really proud of them all even though they are so different.

Christmas is coming fast and I really wanted to draw some fun elves. The robin was inspired by Robin Robin movie on Netflix which is so sweet and adorable, we all really enjoyed it. The cow is random but who doesn’t want a cow in their sketchbook? I have a real weakness for drawing candy canes, I just love to draw them and I have no explanation why.

These are the last real illustrations in the sketchbook. just some painting doodles without lifework, I like them, they aren’t perfect but they are fun. The top left is just a little fun mindless paint while I was swatching mini paints from Cats Arts, it helps me to see how the paints will look together whereas swatches help see them individually.

The last page of my sketchbook is my absolute favourite, the left side is just more swatching and playing. The pallet is the travel one that I was carrying with me at the time, its an amazing little creation by a company called Go Draw which I found on Etsy. It is the right hand side that I love the most, Mr Narwhal painted by Harry Webbling. I always let the children paint or draw in my books if they ask to because I get to keep it and carry it with me. This was totally from his imagination and inspired the Narwhal that I painted earlier, of all the images in my sketchbook this is the one I will cherish the most.

That is it, my full sketchbook, the good, the bad and the ugly! Do you have a favourite? I can’t help but feel proud of myself for finishing another sketchbook, I put my heart into it and I can see the improvement each and every time I complete one. I am already part of the way through two and have another I am about to start so if you like this post I may do more photographed flip throughs in the future.

Thank you so much for reading, Samantha x

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