Scrawlrbox Sale – Posca Pencils

I am a sucker for a bargain especially when it comes to art supplies and I really don’t think you will find a better bargain than the Scrawlrbox sale. Throughout the year the previous subscription boxes are reduced, sometimes as low as £5 which includes postage. You have to be quick though because as you can imagine, they sell fast! 

I really like the minimal packaging.

In the latest sale I managed to buy the May 2021 box. An added perk being that you already know what is in the box unlike the subscription. I have been tempted by the subscription many times because even at full price it is still a bargain but I find them to be a bit over zealous with the pens which I know I am not fond of. 

I chose the May box for two reasons, the first being that I wanted to try the Posca pencils and the second because I have never tried Pearl Burnish before, I’ve never even heard of it. 

All the pretties!!

The box arrived impeccably and quickly as I have experienced before. Everything is wrapped nicely and they always include a sweet which is a nice touch. This box included the scrawlrzine, a menu card that explains what the supplies are, an art card from the featured artist, 6 Posca pencil crayons, Pearl Burnish, Derwent black fine liner, paint brush and a 16 sheet pad of cartridge paper. 


The pencils are the main part of this box and the selection of colours are beautiful. They are some of my favourite colours in fact and make a lovely set. I swatched them out on the cartridge paper and had a play to see how well they blend too. I am not an avid pencil crayon user because I do struggle to blend and layer them. These blend really nicely however the colours do not get more intense when layering unless you layer on top of a darker colour. Most pencil crayons will get more vibrant as you layer or press harder but the Posca pencils did not. They are extremely pigmented right away though without cramping your hand to get maximum colour like some other brands. They are a very soft pencil, perhaps this is why they blend so easily. I did try smudging too but it had little to no effect. 

Blends nicely

The Pearl Burnish is a liquid white pencil crayon which is sort of like Tipex only more vibrant. It was extremely opaque at covering the swatches in my test but didn’t lay down smoothly. It is intended for highlights to finish the work and I was excited to try it on an actual piece. The tiny bottle is very adorable.

The fine liner is much too fine for my tastes honestly and it was scratching at the paper right from the start. I would assume that to have it this thin it must be reinforced to stop the tip snapping which causes the scratching but I could be completely wrong. 

I drew out my little mermaid, it was a May box so I suppose I had Mermay on my mind but they also seem like mermaid colours to me. I used the light orange Posca to draw an outline and the fine liner to go over a few bits. The fine liner did not like drawing over the pencil at all, it skipped, jumped and went all over the place. It will not be a permanent addition to my pencil case!!

Scratchy fine liner.

I coloured the mermaid in, it’s not a very adventurous piece but she has some charm I guess, she has found a human planter on the bottom of the sea and intends to take it home. The pencil crayons are lovely to colour with but I think to get the kind of results you see in the scrawlrzine you need to do a lot more layers than I was willing to do. This was five or six layers of each colour and that’s enough for me. 

A mermaids garden.

I tried to use the paintbrush to apply the Pearl Burnish and that was a disaster, this brush is an absolute waste of time! It washed off ok and I managed to do some little spots on the mermaid tail but it was frustrating and an odd choice to add into this box.

Strange choice of brush for detail work.

I managed to create an illustration with everything included, it isn’t my favourite illustration by a long shot but for £5 it was an hour of fun experimentation. 

Finished illustration.

The Posca pencils were one of the reasons that I chose this box, they claim to be able to colour onto light and dark paper, wood, metal, glass, plastic and stone. I thought that sounded amazing since I always seem to make a mess when I use Posca Pens but as a family we are big fans of pebble art which we hide in the local parks for people to find. I had a pebble handy that I decided to turn into a dragon face. I used the Posca pencils to draw and then colour it, the Pearl Burnish to add the white of the eye and a trusty Sharpie marker because that fine liner had been thrown across the room! I could not find any information online that said wether the Poscas were permanent so I will be sure to varnish the dragon before we hide her. 

Posca pencils on pebbles.

I really enjoyed this box, I think with a little practice I could get used to using Pearl Burnish for highlights on my watercolour illustrations and I would use the pencils again for ideas and doodles in my sketchbook, beautiful as they are I just don’t have the patience to get a fully rendered illustration out of them. The paintbrush and pen have been popped straight into the Webblings art supplies so they won’t be wasted. 

I hope whoever finds the dragon pebble likes her! 

Thank you for reading my blog,


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