Our Planet Week Illustrations

I decided to join in the Our Planet Week illustration challenge this year because in my small way I would like to raise awareness of environmental issues especially where it concerns the animals who inspire my artwork. Our Planet Week was founded by artist Asia Orlando and you can find out a lot more about it on the website.

There were six prompts to follow with the added incentive that if you completed the prompts then One Tree Planted, a charity which plants trees around the world, promised to plant a tree for every post tagged with the hashtag #onetreeplanted during the challenge dates.

These are my six illustrations for the challenge …

  1. Earth Day –

Did you know that ants are amazing? As they grow their ant homes below ground, twisting mazes in the soil, they are aerating the soil and allowing nutrients to be recycled which helps new plants grow, thereby reducing the need for chemicals!!!

Tiny but mighty Earth protectors.

Super Ants

2. Green Living –

When we went to Dartmoor Otter and Butterfly Sanctuary last month we had an amazing day seeing how they help these adorable creatures. Their website is a wealth of information on all species of otter if you would like to know more! Sanctuaries like this exist around the world to help animals who are effected every day by climate emergencies and human errors. Visiting can help them raise valuable funds and raise awareness of how we can live greener to protect them.

Happy Otters

3. Oceans –

Did you know that seals are helping scientists to study climate change? By wearing tracking devices, which help to monitor water temperature, salt levels and animal behavioural patterns. Monitoring changes in the Antarctic Ocean can help us understand the effects of climate change and devise plans to slow and stop it where possible! Sadly they are also one of the animals suffering most from climate change and who need our help the most.

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary is an incredible place helping these beautiful creatures and is well worth a visit if you get the chance. The seals are absolutely enchanting!

Helpful Seals

4. Breathe –

Did you know that alligators are really important for the ecosystems that the inhabit? They dig holes and leave trails throughout marshes, they create habitats for fish and marine life. They also keep invading plant life from destroying ecosystems. Without these ecosystem services, freshwater ponds and shrubs and trees would fill in coastal wetlands in the alligator’s habitat, and dozens of species would disappear. They help the environment to breathe deep!

Alligators are a species who need protection.

Lily Gator

5. Climate Heroes –

These little creatures sure are heroes!

Did you know that beaver populations help to control water flow which is vital during times of extreme weather fluctuations such as drought and floods! Beavers natural instincts to create dams means that they are building ponds which attract plant life, birds and even fish! The dams themselves create homes for other mammals such as otters and mink too!!

Places like The Cornish Seal Sanctuary are helping the beaver population to regrow!

Feels like rain.

6. One Tree Planted –

It’s the last prompt for Our Planet Week and I chose a squirrel because amazingly they plant many many trees simply by forgetting where they buried their stashes of nuts (seeds). Luckily they don’t keep all of them in one place so they hopefully have plenty to eat but those forgotten seeds often sprout into beautiful trees!

Snowy Squirrel.

I hope you enjoyed my illustrations as much as I enjoyed creating them, it was a lot of fun to do more research into how these amazing creatures help our planet to survive and how they are vital for helping different species coexist in this crazy world.

What is your favourite animal? I bet it does a lot more for the environment than you could ever imagine, perhaps even more than humans will ever know.

Samantha x

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