Webb Review – The Bee Like Me by James Gibson

Written and illustrated by James Gibson, The Bee Like Me is the story of Molly who loves to be outside and enjoys living a wild existence until she realises that her actions are having a negative impact on the wildlife around her, specifically one special little bee. Molly learns all she can to help the little bee get better.

The story is inspirational, Molly has a problem and she takes very assertive steps to solve it. Researching and working hard to find out what she needs to do to make up for her destructive behaviour. Molly goes on a real soul searching adventure in this delightful story but don’t worry it isn’t preachy or condescending at all. The narrative is cheerful and has a great rhythm.

All of the illustrations in the book are charming on the surface, the cover is particularly engaging. Dig a little deeper, take a look at what s going on in the backgrounds and the illustrations are actually pretty hilarious, the tiny details and added storylines are not to be missed and really elevate the book to a new level. The additional children’s drawingesque images in the blank spaces fill the entire book with colour and fun. James Gibson is a fantastic illustrator, it is great to read his story too.

The Bee Like Me is an amazing book with so many positives to tell you about, this might be one of the best books that Harrison and I have read in a while. I am not sure that putting any kind of glue on a bee is a great idea but honestly in the context of this story it fits and is perfect.

The inclusion of the main characters unique characteristics comes later in the story and I do not want to give it away in this review but I think that Molly is a real role model and perhaps her incredible abilities should be bought to the attention of the readers beforehand since this book could really be beneficial if it were in the hands of the right audience. My apologies if that is completely cryptic but buy yourself a copy of the book and you will understand, I would recommend you have it in your collection anyway!

The Bee Like Me is Available now from Shookbop.

We awarded 5 out of 5 webs.

Harrison gives The Bee Like Me 5 out of 5 webs because the story was enjoyable, the pictures were brilliant and Harrison thinks that the more bee books the better!

Thank you so much for reading,

Samantha and Harrison x

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