Jurassic June Did Not Go To PLan

I had every intention of drawing one dinosaur illustration each day throughout June and posting it to my social media feeds. I spent time creating my list and separating them into the three eras of the dinosaurs, Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. I really love dinosaurs and I wanted to create a book about dinosaurs, I had hoped that this month long challenge would act as research for that project. However I struggled to complete the challenge and only managed the first twelve days. I was not feeling inspired by the list of dinosaurs and perhaps I should of made prompts instead of a list of dinosaurs. Since making the decision last year to reduce my use of social media (for mental health reasons) I also struggled to post the ones that I had created. It is hard to gather traction on a monthly art challenge without a strong social media presence.

List of dinosaurs.

Despite all of the issues, I am happy with the dinosaurs that I managed to create, they are cute and fun. It isn’t the dinosaurs fault, it is all me! I didn’t feel like I wanted to continue to create them if I wasn’t inspired, they all started to blend together.

Perhaps the decision that I made early on to keep to a minimal colour palette, which I had enjoyed and worked well in my book A Sloth, A Parade and a Stench , had blocked my creativity. I definitely made it more difficult to illustrate some of the dinosaurs that are thought to have been as colourful as birds of paradise.

My favourites are Clint the Chindesaurus and Ellie the Eoraptor but I don’t think that either of them are strong enough yet to build a story around. It has given me some insight into what I don’t want in my dinosaur story though so lessons have been learnt and Jurassic June wasn’t a complete waste of time and pixels.

Which dinosaur is your favourite?

One of the best parts of Jurassic June for me was nothing to do with the art challenge but seeing Jurassic Park Dominion with my lovely family who happily encourage my dino enthusiasm! We really enjoyed the movie and will be buying it the day it is released on DVD. It won’t ever beat the original Jurassic Park but it is very epic.

Harrison Webbling and Bumpy at the cinema.

Hopefully next year I might have more stamina for Jurassic June (If I don’t attempt Mermay), if I do then I will be creating prompts rather than a list. I will be drawing plenty of dinos between now and then though and perhaps one of them will become the star of one of my stories.

Thank you so much for reading my ramblings,

I hope June was wonderful for you and that July will be just as great.


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