Webb Review – The Crows IN The Chimney Pot By The Bax Family

Written by Stacy Bax and illustrated by Eldon and Elodie Bax aged 5 and 6 years old. This book is full of beautiful paintings of birds that can be found in the garden. It is informative and descriptive with a spread for each bird that the crows meet. The crows are the main characters and they are so charming, the get happier and more delighted to see each bird as the story goes on, a great use of synonyms for ‘nice’. It is a great story that will help children learn more about the wildlife around them.

The illustrations are definitely charming and wholesome. They really bring the story to life and make you want to see more birds around. Living by the sea we mainly see seagulls but perhaps we need to keep our eyes open a little more to spot some others. My personal favourite is the robin but Harry really liked the starling.

I think that the story would really appeal to children who love animals just like Harry does. It is really bright and colourful and has a lot of information without feeling like a lesson. It is also inspirational to children who love art to see a child being published in a real book. The love and attention that has gone into this by the Bax family is evident and I think that it will show a lot of aspiring illustrators that if they put the effort in, they could have books of their own too.

This is not the first of Stacy’s books that I have had the pleasure of reading and reviewing and I sincerely hope that it won’t be the last because I would love to see how these young artists develop.

You can get your own copy, available now from Shookbop.

5 Webs out of 5.

Harrison gave this book 5 webs out of 5 and I have to agree with him. I would really have liked to see some photographs of the birds perhaps at the back of the book too so that we could see them ‘in real life’ however it did give us a chance to have a look on the internet and see lots of photos of these beautiful birds.

Huge thank you to the publisher Stour Valley Publishing for sending this book for our review, all of the opinions are our own.

Thank you for reading,

Samantha and Harrison.

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