Ferris Wheel Press Ink – First Try

It is my birthday this week and because I am so persuasive (okay I am impatient and I nagged Mr Webb until he gave in!) I was given my gift early. The most beautiful package of Ferris Wheel Press goodies.

My beautiful birthday gifts.

I actually discovered Ferris Wheel Press on an artist ASMR video on YouTube by Kaiteki ART. So while I should have been falling to sleep, I had to find out more about this beautiful ink and where I could get my hands on some.

Ferris Wheel Press are a Canadian based company that are hold to get a hold of in the UK with only one main supplier that I could find, The Hamilton Pen Company. Ferris Wheel Press do post internationally but with all of the issues with the postal service at the moment it seemed like a better idea to order as locally as possible.

The 85ml bottles come in a velvet pouch.

I have said it before (and will say it again I am sure), I am a sucker for beautifully packaged art and stationary supplies. I can’t help it, I am weak. In truth I don’t want to help it because why would I want to deprive myself of such goodies? They do not come much more beautiful than this ink. Each 85ml bottle is a sphere with a metal bolt shaped lid that is very heavy. The bottles come wrapped in gorgeous velvet pouches and inside a gorgeous box. The detail that has gone into the design of the box alone is breathtaking, it is a piece of artwork itself.

The shiny bottle is hard to photograph.

I was gifted a sketchbook and a beautiful ink from my lovely husband and Webblings for my birthday and I couldn’t wait to get started with the ink, I am still not ready to be brave enough to use the first page in such a beautiful sketchbook yet.

Lilly chose the colour, Dusk In Bloom, it is a stunning shade that reminds me of forget me nots and dainty flowers. They are not cheap inks at all so one colour was a good idea to try them out. After trying them I definitely will be saving up for some more colours.

I was too excited to even swatch, I just painted! The colour is stunning.

The inks are water based and are actually intended to be used in fountain pens which Ferris Wheel Press also create. I do have a few quills but I am much more confident with my paintbrush so that is what I have been using. The ink is fantastic straight from the bottle, just dip the paintbrush and go but it is also fantastic for watering down to get some lighter shades which means that I can create full monochromatic illustrations from a single colour and I have been having fun doing just that.

I have not yet tried the ink with my watercolours, because it is water based it will reactivate if I paint over the top of it but I have a feeling that it would work brilliantly as a top layer of outlining for a more gentle outline than black. I will be trying it out soon.

My lovely little rock monster all painted in my new ink.

If you are looking for a treat for yourself or a gift for an artist then I don’t think you could go wrong with this ink. It feels so very luxurious but is in a generous bottle so you don’t feel as worried about ‘wasting’ it than you would with a smaller bottle. I am so grateful for this beautiful gift, I am sure that my dear husband had hoped that once I had a bottle of this ink that I would stop talking his ears off about how beautiful it is but sadly I cannot stop raving about how much I love it!

A huge thank you to my fantastic family for spoiling me on my birthday! I love my gifts, Thank you.

Look out for more colours coming to my work soon because I think I may have a new obsession.

Thank you for reading my ramblings,


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