Rock Monsters By Samantha Webb

One night whilst Harrison Webbling was sat watching television and I was sat drawing in my sketchbook, these guys just materialised in front of me. I was feeling more than a little grumpy because of the heat, yes, I moan when it is too hot, sorry! My mood doesn’t always show itself quite so literally in my art work but on this particular evening I definitely felt an affinity towards these grumpy little rock monsters and if you find inspiration you have to run with it.

Sketchbook birth of rock monsters.

The two rock monsters at the bottom were highly inspired by my Webblings who were arguing over who had the last ice cream at this point because apparently neither one of them liked ice lollies anymore which is what the freezer is full of (and what they have both been enjoying since the ice creams have run out!), but rock monsters have absolutely no interest in ice cream or ice lollies, they just want to crunch gemstones. These were my favourites so I decided to photograph my sketchbook and colour them digitally. You may have already seen them on my instagram feed.


Well it seems that my new little characters have really taken up residence in my mind because I now cannot stop painting them. The little guy below is painted in Ferris Wheel Press ink and is fishing for tasty geodes, he doesn’t seem overly enthusiastic does he? This is the first one that I drew with more pronounced eye balls and I think I prefer it because it shows a little more expression. I feel like his little bird friend is actually his foreman tweeting instructions to the rock monster.

Gone Fishin’

When I said I can’t stop painting them, I wasn’t kidding, I can’t. I painted these four in watercolours and edited them in procreate to erase the background and add a little highlight. These grouchy little rock monsters have a real place in my heart now and I am sure that they are going to make a few more appearances in my work in the future. Are they loveable enough little monsters?

I am very tempted to create a book about them, I think that when this heat subsides a little (it may have by the time that this blog post comes out) that I need to take a trip to Dartmoor and go and find their story, I have a feeling that it is up there somewhere running wild and waiting to be captured.

I hope that you enjoyed meeting my rock monsters.


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