A Sloth, A Parade and A Stentch!

An A-Z Of Animals And Their Fantastic Collective Nouns.

A Sloth, A Parade and A Stench! by Samantha Webb.

A Sloth, A Parade and A Stench! An Animal A-Z And Their Fantastic Collective Nouns is a one of a kind children book that will have adults amazed too!

Each page is brightly coloured and shows one animal, the next page shows a group of that animal and I am sure you will be surprised by what many of the groups are animals are better known as. You might even learn some new animals along the way too.

One Monkey. A barrel of monkeys.

The illustrations are all vibrant and will make you giggle, they have been designed with a little humour in mind, look out for the camel, he always makes Harrison Webbling giggle! This is my first non-fiction book and I really am so proud of it. I hope that you enjoy it too.

It is available now on Amazon or through my Folksy shop (if you would like it signed) where you can also find stickers and posters of the adorable animals.

Posters, stickers and signed copies available from Folksy.

Which one is your favourite animal? Are there any that you think I should have chosen instead? Let me know on Instagram or Facebook!