Stiltskin at The Soapbox

Last night we had our first experience of Stiltskin Children’s Theatre at The Soapbox Theatre in Devonport Park, Plymouth. We took the Webblings along to the final night of The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse.

From the outside the theatre doesn’t look like much (YET! they have big plans for the future!) but once you go inside it is like being in another place completely. They have made the space so warm, friendly and welcoming, it is hard not to fall in love with the atmosphere of the show.

As we went in we were welcomed with colouring and reading for the Webblings so they never felt like they were waiting around for the show to begin, there was no fuss about being bored, they particularly loved the igloo full of books. We purchased cups of tea which were good prices and allowed us adults to sit and relax before being called into the theatre area.

When we were called in to take our seats it was magical, a real roaring fire was crackling and the room was lit with beautiful lights. The Webblings loved that they were allowed to sit on cushions on the floor at the front and didn’t have to stick with mum and dad. There was no waiting around, the show began and so did the laughter.

I had expected the Webblings to enjoy the show, I thought that us ‘adults’ would enjoy seeing the Webblings happy but I have to admit, I didn’t watch them watching the show because my husband and I were just as enthralled by the performance as the Webblings were. We laughed so much, participated in dancing, laying the table and clapping along with all the adults who had bought children along. The show was amazing, the props were fantastic (I LOVED THE JELLY!) and having seen a lot of much bigger shows I can genuinely say that this is one of the very best shows that we have ever seen. Just the right amount of audience participation to be fun without being intimidating, amazing use of the space and a brilliant atmosphere throughout the entire show.

During the short interval we even got another cup of tea, how decadent, roaring fire and a cup of tea whilst watching a show, my kind of heaven!

After the performance the Webblings were delighted that they got to go up on the stage and have a closer look, they got to meet the amazingly talented Jacquelin (Town Mouse) and Iain (Country Mouse) who continued to make them giggle and taught them how to be mice too.

I literally cannot find any negative to the whole experience and if you get the chance to visit The Soapbox Theatre I really hope you do because from start to finish it was an experience I believe our Webblings and everyone who has seen the show will cherish.

Thank you Stiltskin for an amazing evening in the town and the country.

Samantha Webb.


“I don’t have a favorite bit, it was all so good. I liked Pigeon, she was funny!” Lilly Webbling, Age 9.

“I liked the cat when he chased the mouse, he was trying to eat the mouse’s tail but he couldn’t catch him.” Harry Webbling, Age 5 1/2.

“The show had parents and children laughing all the way through, I enjoyed hearing my children laughing so much.” Mr Webb, Age 28.


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Mousicorn Field Guide

I have been creating my little mousicorns for a while now and I have been asked so many questions about them that I decided the only way to give a thorough answer was to study them in their natural habitat The Enchanted Forest. After many months of observations I have compiled a field guide that is now available from Etsy. I hope that it answers your questions but if not, ask away! Knowledge is magical, it can open minds and expand worlds. 

Samantha Webb xxx

Bears Have Been Updated

I love making bears, seeing the flat piece of fabric coming to life and all of a sudden you just have a little character in your hands, stuffed full of love and full of life.

HOWEVER my husband is the photographer, not me and I am ashamed to say that I often get quite lazy and end up just popping a quick phone picture online. I am not suprised that this has slowed down the amount of bear adoptions happening in my online shops.

Today I bit the bullet and photographed my entire range of adoptable bears. It was lovely to have a look at them all as they are stored in beautiful gift boxes most of the time to keep them nice for their adoptive parents.

I am delighted to say that I have sat for the past 6 hours and uploaded them all to Etsy where you can find them all. The feeling of ticking that job off of my to do list is immense! I hope that you like the photographs and that maybe a few more of my little orphansfind forever homes!

I must try to be better in the future. xxx

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Cornlings Visit Devonport Live

On February 22nd I braved the rain to take my Cornlings on a visit to Devonport Live in George Street, Plymouth. I was invited to read my first story book Tales Of The Enchanted Cornlings, I was delighted to accept the invitation.

I read to a small audience who I must thank for sitting brilliantly and for making me feel very welcome! My personal Big Softie Cornling named Clementine was a huge hit and got lots of cuddles, she was thrilled to have so much attention. It was definitely worth going out in the rain for. The community space has been made into a beautiful gallery with comfy sofas and a great cafe; I highly recommend the hot chocolate and I have tasted quite a few hot chocolates in my lifetime! If you are local and have not visited I think you should go and have a look around I bet you will be surprised.

I am happy to say that I have been invited back to Devonport Live to read my second book The Enchanted Tale Of The Pirate Cornling which I am thoroughly looking forward to so please look out for more information soon.

The Enchanted Boutique Book Club Goes Live 

You can find all of the details here!

The Enchanted Boutique Book Club goes live today and you have between now and the 28th Feb to subscribe to get the first ever months subscription package! 

This is going to perfect for your little ones and I hope it will be an enjoyable experience for the whole family! 

Thank you for being part of the adventure! Love Samantha Webb xxx

Bears Galore

I have an admission to make … 
I have an addiction, it costs a lot of money and takes up a lot of my time but I just can’t stop. It makes me so happy and makes me feel alive! 
I am addicted to … Bear Making! 
Seriously, this is not a joke, I cannot stop making bears, I love them! But they do need to find forever homes because I am running out of room for them all to live in! 

My latest bear is named Melody … 

She is a sleepy, magical mousicorn! 

If you would like to see more or fancy adopting one of my bears take a look right here! I bet you can find one that would love to live with you! 

Until they find a cure for my addiction you can find new bears regularly on my Folksy, Etsy and Facebook xxx

First Clay Of The Year

I have been using polymer clay for the last 5 years and have made soooo many different things, it is so versatile and with a little practice the world is your oyster. 

Throughout 2017 I will be teaching a few workshops and making lots of custom orders including my first clay of the year, a little kawaii tooth! 

She is only little and is very glittery even though it doesn’t show up in the photograph. 

I really enjoyed getting the clay out for the first time this year and made a few more pieces which I will show you over the coming weeks so look out for them! Xxx

Kevin the Fox 

I love making bears, their is something so amazing about turning a flat piece of fabric into a little character full of personality. 

I have a bucket list of bears that I would love to make too and throughout 2017 I hope to tick some of those bears off the list. A fox was one of those bears, I drafted a pattern based around my usual bear one but extending the muzzle and adding in a white jaw and tummy fluff, pointy ears and of course a fluffy tail! 

When he was finished I showed him to Harrison Webbling who immediately named him Kevin, I am not sure what the inspiration behind the name was but it seems to suit him. 

He is now available from Folksy and is one of a kind however I am hoping to make a girly fox soon. 

Keep an eye out for more bear creations, goodnight xxx

Glub is coming! 

I am working on my newest book, Glub! He is quite a character, his story was written at least 7 years ago. The initial illustrations for my manuscript (shown below) was drawn by my wonderful husband Jamie Webb who now runs his very successful photography business Webb Family Photography and has been urging me to take Glub forward. So 2017 Glub is getting his time to shine! He will be the star of my next rhyming children’s story and is getting the needle felting treatment. I aim to release the book in June so look forward to seeing some progress pictures xxx 

Glub copyright Samantha Webb

Happy New Year

2016 was a great big adventure for me and my Cornlings, starting with the successful crowd funder in January right up to the launch of An Enchanted Cornling Christmas in November. 
I have had wonderful readings at parent and toddler groups, birthday parties, private functions and even at 3 wishes Fairyfest.
The merchandise has got better and better with story cushions and CE tested big softie Cornlings, both of which were well received this Christmas. 
2017 is going to be even better with much more to be excited about as I start my journey to try and get a literary agent and a publisher.
Thank you so much to all the people who have supported me on my journey so far, we are just at the beginning of this adventure xxx