Glub is available now!

Glub was written and illustrated by me, Samantha Webb.

Poor Glub is stuck in the crane at an amusement arcade, dreaming of life outside but he has been too scared to take that leap of faith. Glub knows that he doesn’t look like the other smiley teddies that surround him and he knows that he is a little bit scary but that is all about to change when someone is brave enough to see just how friendly Glub is. 

Glub has had some wonderful reviews so far and is available to purchase now from Shookbop

I was interviewed by What’s Im My Wonderland, find out a little more about Glub on the blog now.

Thank you so much to year 3 for welcoming me and Glub into your classroom for World Book Day. I had such a great time sharing my stories with you and seeing all of your beautiful colouring.

I shared Glub with my year 3 class and they loved the story of this special, unloved creature. It is an inspiring, imaginative tale filled with suspense just wishing he will get his happy ending. The children love the unique felt illustrations and magical stories written by Samantha Webb.

–Miss Millar, Teacher

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at Glub, if you would like any more information please feel free to contact me via email, on Facebook or Instagram.

Love Samantha x