Illustrated By Samantha Webb

I have been privileged to work with a range of authors to breathe life into their characters. Some are available to purchase now and others will be coming shortly. It is always a huge honour to be selected to work on another authors work because I know exactly how much passion and love they have for the characters and they world they have created around them. Please take a look at these wonderfull titles …

The Soggy Little Bee by Simon Henderson. Available Now!
Tiny-Teeny-Weeny by Cheryl M Nutbean available now!
Party Poopers by Jill Young available now.
Albie Ted by Becky Robertson, available now.
Nico and the Rainbow Postbox. Coming Soon.
A Little Fae Called Harmony by Morgan Donald. Available now.
Harmony Fae Saves The Day by Morgan Donald. Not Currently Available.

If you have an idea for a children’s story that you would like me to illustrate please contact me via email on and I would love to have a chat with you about your project or fill in the form below.