Livvy And Pipps

When a storm hits Merville, Livvy and Pipps must travel further than they ever dared, to get back the treasure which has been lost!
An epic adventure across the ocean in search of treasure. Join Livvy the mermaid and Pipps, her merbunny best friend, on their quest.
Will they find the treasure before it reaches land?


A bedtime story about an underwater world full of amazing animals, mermaids, merbunnies, jelly kittens, mermoose and more. Livvy and Pipps is a gentle story that aims to help children who have suffered a loss and who may be mourning. With her friend Pipps at her side, Livvy learns that she can be brave and that the people we love never really leave us.


I began Livvy and Pipps in May 2019, I had taken part in Mermay two years previously and had decided to try and write a mermaid story and illustrate it all within a month and to publish it in June. At the beginning of June I had a very unfortunate accident whilst bouldering; I fell from the top of the wall and snapped my Fibia and Tibia into pieces. I had surgery the next day and now have a metal rod running from my knee to my ankle with some pretty impressive scars on the outside too. This put a massive dent in my timeline and whilst spending the next four months on bed rest, learning how to walk again and slowly weaning myself off of very strong painkillers I felt like I hadn’t managed to get anything done because I hadn’t completed Livvy and Pipps.

New Year 2020 I made a promise to myself that I would complete my project and on 27th January 2020 I finally published my story that I had tried to finish in just a month. I may of fallen down (and yes I am still on crutches at the moment) but I have got back up and am feeling better than ever.

I am extremely proud of my new book and the reception so far has been overwhelmingly positive. I am looking forward to introducing lots of children to Livvy and Pipps and I really hope that this is just the first of many adventures for them, although I may keep my feet firmly on the ground from now on!

Love Samantha x

Very proud of Livvy and Pipps.