Sass Feels Lonely

Sass Feels Lonely is my first story for very young children. It is the story of Sass, a big fluffy but friendly Sasquatch who lives in the forest. He is loves the forest but he often gets lonely and he has to search to the forest to find some friends.

Throughout the story you can find the tiny creatures that will become his friends when he realises that he isn’t quite as alone in the forest as he thought he was.

Sass Feels Lonely front cover.

Sass Feels Lonely has been written and illustrated by me. It is in full colour with very simple sentence structures for young children that will encourage them to read it over and over again but also makes it the perfect short story for bedtime.

Simple sentence structures for future readers.

First published by Stour Valley Publishing in June 2021, available while stocks last from Folksy. Second editions published by Moby and Puddle Books is now available on Amazon.

Sass is waiting for you to come and explore the forest and help him find some friends, are you ready for an adventure?

Sass is very at home in the forest.

Sass has lived in the forest since he was little.  He likes to play games and explore the forest but sometimes he gets lonely.  If only he had some friends to play with….

I would love to know what you think of Sass.