Brown Goes To Forest School

I have only kept two of my bears just for me, Barnaby who is huge and Brown who is the first proper teddy bear that I ever made. So when Harrison and the children in Year 2 invited me along to their Forest School teddy bears picnic, I knew that this adventure had Brown’s name written all over it. 

This is how his afternoon went …  

Hello everyone, 

I have had a brilliant day, I went to school with Samantha and we had a look round Harrison Webblings new classroom, can you even believe that he is in year two now? He gets taller every day! 

I was happy to see that all of the children had bought along cuddlies too, I got to make a lot of new friends, Percy and I have been friends for a while now because he is Harrison Webblings special pig but I had never met Scooby before, he talks a lot about sandwiches! 

We got the best seats in the nature area to watch the children put tents together, I tried to tell Samantha that I was good at building tents and could probably help them out but she was far too busy trying to put massive tent pegs into tiny holes that were never going to fit, so I just left her to it! 

Once the tarpaulins were transformed into tents we got to go and explore inside them, Harrison Webbling climbed in and made himself at home, Percy was delighted. 

I was a little bit worried that they were going to make us spend the the night, this structure did not look like it would withstand much wind and would be next to useless with heavy rain. I may be a bear but I am not a wild animal! I was very relieved when Harrison Webbling and his friends reassured me that we were only playing for the afternoon and would be home warm and dry in time for dinner and bed! 

Harrison Webbling, Year 2 and all of us bears and cuddlies had so much fun playing in the tents, we really built up our appetites! I gently reminded Samantha that the letter had mentioned a picnic, Samantha told me not to be so rude but I think the teachers got the hint from all the bear bellies growling around them because they called us down to base camp for the food …. YES! 

The teachers were busy getting all of the food and drink ready for the picnic and the children sat around the edges of base camp on logs chatting away about the tents that they had managed to put up and the bears and cuddlies were all eyes on the food. Us bears really enjoy a good picnic! 

Year 2 were giggling and laughing, exploring the mini beasts around them, Harrison Webbling and Percy Pig pointed out a beetle and a wood louse to me whilst we were sat waiting, I have never seen them before, they were scurrying around looking ever so busy! 

Samantha kept making me pose for these silly photos, I just wanted to chat with my new friends and to be honest it was a bit warm outside today in my jumper, Samantha does worry that I will get poorly in the cold, she forgets that I am covered in fur! 

Wow, what a spread! We were served jam sandwiches handmade by the year 2 children earlier that day (how did they know strawberry jam is my favourite kind of jam?), we had Pom Bear crisps which are the perfect crisps for a teddy bears picnic! Blackcurrant juice, biscuits and my personal favourite of the day was the cake!

 I love cake, I’ve not tried many cakes that I have not enjoyed in my life! Harrison was brilliant at sharing his food with me and Percy, he didn’t seem to mind at all when I took a huge bear size bite out of the cake. Samantha said I was being greedy and that I should save some for everyone but it was just so yummy I couldn’t help myself

Once we were all happy with what we had eaten we got to have more cuddles in the tents. The tents were starting to grow on me and I had a lot of fun with Harrison Webbling and Percy taking me from tent to tent giving me the grand tour of the campsite in the meadow. I asked Samantha if we could build tents when we get home, Harrison loved the idea. 

The last part of forest school was my favourite (closely followed by the cake!) all of the children sat around in base camp on the lovely big logs and every child said one thing they liked best about their forest school session and all of the children had something lovely to say. I didn’t get to say what my favourite part was because Samantha says that not everyone can hear when a teddy bear speaks, I’m not sure how happy I am about that but if I had been asked I would of said that the best part of forest school for me was seeing all of the children and bears and cuddlies working together to make the tents! None of us could of done it alone but together we managed to make 6 tents, I was amazed! 

I would like to say a massive thank you to all of year 2 for the invitation, teddy bears picnics are my favourite kind of picnics and I have had a brilliant afternoon. I will certainly sleep well tonight.  

Love Brown xxx

Well that is what Brown had to say for himself. It has been a wonderful day and we were made to feel very welcome. I have enjoyed spending time with my favourite little man and my special bear. If you get the chance to join in with your local forest school activities then give it a go, there is nothing quite like it! 

Samantha Webb xxx