Get To Know Me… It’s My Birthday!

Today I turn 35 years old and I thought that it might be good to have a birthday blog post so that you can get to know me a little more. 35 is a strange age, it feels like I should be writing a five year plan and mapping out what I want to do, a forty things to do before I turn forty list or something of the sort. It feels like I am smack bang in the middle of two milestones and I should be looking forward but honestly after the last two years I think I have started to come to terms with the fact that I can have goals and I need to work hard to achieve them but they will come to fruition when the time is right and not because of a predesigned plan of mine. Yes, I have hopes and goals but a five year plan just isn’t me.

So perhaps its time to look backwards then? To evaluate my life, where I am and what I have achieved but that doesn’t feel quite right either. I am 35, I have accomplished a lot of things that I am proud of and a few that I could happily forget too but good and bad has led me to here, to now, to 35 years old. Those things have helped shape me in one way or another but don’t really tell you much about me and I wanted this blog post to tell you about me, me now.

Not looking forward and not looking back, then the only option left is to tell you about is present day me, what I am up to now and what I am interested in at the moment. My life inspires my art so it if you know my work then this will not be enlightening in any way but I do hope that it helps you to get to know me a bit.

So this is me, now …

I am 35, did I mention it’s my birthday?

The most important thing in the world to me (like most people I should imagine) is my family, relatives and friends that are like family. My husband and my children are my world and I could not do anything without their love and support. We are massive Lego fans and our home often resembles an explosion in a lego factory when we are all building.

I am creative, I sew teddy bears and sell them through my business Moby and Puddle. They just make me happy, I can’t explain why so I just go with it! I have a small collection myself but I am so grateful that people want to adopt my bears because we are running out of room to adopt more ourselves.

I absolutely love dinosaurs but Rex from Toy Story is my favourite. In fact I am a massive Disney geek, I love all things Disney. I have a wonderful and inspiring collection of the ‘art of …’ books but have recently been branching out to read other animation studios book aswell. One of my very best friends gifted me The Art Of Kiki’s Delivery Service for my birthday and it is unbelievably beautiful, thank you so much again Lucia (Lucia is an epic artist herself, check out her work here!).

Since lockdown I have discovered that although I previously could not keep flowers alive, I can in fact keep plants alive and I love them so much that for fathers day I bought Mr Webb a tree for the front room, (he loves them too, it wasn’t just for me, honest!). Not having a garden is hard but it gets easier when you create your own jungle!

We have two honorary Webblings, you might of seen them on my social media stories. Hubert Sticklebrick Webb the First is a bearded dragon who is completely antisocial but we love him anyway and Lady Peter, our rabbit who is always under our feet or binkying across the room. Lady Peter loves fuss and attention and thinks she is a puppy. We never intended to get a rabbit but she has made our home so much happier.

I draw every day, today will be no exception I am sure. I like to experiment with different mediums and I plan to do more reviews on this blog in the future but my true love is watercolour. I have a collection of many, many pallets but I am currently preferring my Lukas paints. I might find an art style and stick to it one day but I highly doubt it, experimenting is too much fun. I sing whilst I paint if I am on my own, I love music but am not musically talented in any way shape or form. I have dabbled with instruments but they don’t come naturally at all. I am hoping that Harrison Webbling will play Happy Birthday on the guitar for me today though.

One thing that will never change is my love of chocolate, it is intense and never ending. I have a chocolate caterpillar cake! I also run on tea, lots and lots and lots of tea! And no, it is never too hot for tea! We have a ridiculous variety of tea and love to try new ones so if you have any recommendations then let me know!

Me and my fan base!

So that is it, this is me right now! I may change, I have changed, I might not. I am planning on spending the day with the crazy people in the photo above, my little family who I adore. Today I am 35 years old and I plan to enjoy my day, yesterday has built up to this and tomorrow can wait.

Thank you for reading my birthday ramblings!

Love Samantha x

Meet Me For Just A Card Campaign

It is Just A Card week this week and I have decided to join in because it really hammers home the fact to me that I may have been able to keep my shop open if everyone who had come in and had a look would have purchased just a card I may have been more inclined to push through all of the other issues. Selling online is also a struggle for me and so many others that would really love to make a real go at our businesses, you can help, by purchasing from independent shops YOU really can make a difference.

So the task for day one is to tell you 10 things about me! Here they are, 10 things you may or may not know about me, Samantha Webb.



1. I always have an emergency Sherbet Fountain in my home somewhere. I don’t know what emergency would call for a Sherbet Fountain really but it makes me happy to know that I am never too far away from the sherbety goodness. If only I could think of a way to reuse the plastic containers; I do wish they would bring back the paper packaging.



2. Tea! Ask my three year old nephew Toby what his Aunty Sammy says and he will tell you ‘I want a cup of tea!’ It is true, there is always time for tea no matter the occasion. I am addicted to tea, milk and no sugar, thank you very much!



3. I have on more than one occasion been accused of being a North Pole Elf, now this could be because my diet is 90% sugar, or it could be because I can wrap any gift with three pieces of tape, THREE! But I like to think that it is because I am sort of a toy maker. I make artist teddy bears for my small business Moby and Puddle.  I do have Santa on speed dial though, just ask the Webblings.



4. I am a born again Herbivore, at the age of 28 I decided that my favourite dinosaur, Brachiosaurus, pretty much had the right idea and I became a vegetarian. I no longer eat any meat at all. I am not overly keen on eating raw twigs like the dinos but it is hard to resist Mr Webb’s veggie chilli. And NO I do not miss bacon!!!



5. I am not ashamed to tell the world that I am a massive AFOL, and if you are unsure of what that means, it stands for Adult Fan Of Lego. I find Lego to be calming when I am feeling particularly anxious and it is fun for all the family. Even a rainy day can’t ruin the fun of Lego and my favourite sets are the Lego elves.




6. I have two children, they are my Webblings, Lilly and Harrison. My Webblings have helped me to realise that what I want most in this world is to make as many children happy as possible. I want to share my stories and my illustrations, to make my Webblings smile and to spread a little happiness throughout the world. (OK I am starting to think the Elf accusation may be justified!



7. I am a bunny slave! We have a house rabbit named Lady Peter. We never intended to have a rabbit but she came to us when we all needed a little comfort. We believed that Peter was a boy and we were very surprised to find that she was in fact a girl so we have altered her name to Lady Peter and she seems to like it. If you have never seen a bunny do a binky then please get on YouTube and watch some videos, they are guaranteed to make you smile!



8. I LOVE Christmas, I know, I know, everyone loves Christmas! BUT I REALLY LOVE CHRISTMAS! I love the magic of Christmas all year round. I draw Christmas pictures in February, write Christmas stories in June and watch Christmas movies all year round. I have a dinosaur Christmas globe that sits on my desk and I am probably wearing Christmas socks as you read this. (Maybe I have a little Elf in my ancestry.)

9. Cornlings and Glub, as of today I have self published three magical Cornlings books and have had Glub published by Little Goblins’ Books. You can read more about all of them on this website. I am hopeful that my latest book about the adventures of a young bee named Blake will be available early 2019.


10. I am hopelessly devoted to my husband, Jamie, who I has been by my side, encouraging me all the way for more than 17 years now. He is my bear and my rock and I don’t mind if that is corny. I love how he takes care of us, I really couldn’t do any of this without his help! But I do wish that he wouldn’t insist on leaving his wooly hats at friends and families houses, he is always loosing that thing!


So that is me, I hope you feel like you know me a bit more but always feel free to ask if you want to know more! Remember to shop independent, make someones day just a little bit brighter!

love Samantha x


P.S. do you think I am a North Pole Elf? x