Webb Review – Arthur Skid’s Chronicles of Being a Kid Volume 1 by Martin Kirkham and Roxanne Knott

Arthur Skid’s Chronicles Of Being A Kid Volume 1. Facts Kids Need To Know instantly looks like it has been around forever and could easily fit onto a bookshelf next to similar titles.

Harrison Webbling is nine and a very keen reader but to really enjoy it the book has to have humour and Martin Kirkham has definitely delivered on the giggles! Not to give away spoilers but one particular bath scene had Harrison in stitches of laughter that he was still talking about the next day on the way to school.

The illustrations are bright and colourful, Harrison asked if they were Quintin Blake which was great because we got to have a chat about different illustrators and illustration styles. The illustrations by Roxanne Knott really fit the style of the story, facts presented in rhyme form. It was genuinely a really fun book to read and to share.

We enjoyed the story digitally.

I’m going to do the mum things and say that one fact in particular might encourage some unwanted bogie flicking but lets face it, most 9 year olds are more gross than any mum could imagine anyway.

If you don’t like your children to read about the more disgusting parts of being a human and all the lovely ways our bodies manage to expel waste then you won’t like this book but if you have a child who cannot get enough of the gore then they will really enjoy it and want to read it over again.

In terms of book creation, we read the digital copy and that was fantastic; easily accessible and intuitive. The only issue really is that we both found the font a little hard to read in places. It is definitely a fun font but I think that perhaps having one a little more generic would help the reader to keep pace with the poetry, at least in our experience.

The layout of the facts was fantastic and a really great way to present a poetry book because children can easily go back to their favourite fact, which Harrison did, numerous times! The introduction of the characters in the beginning was fantastic and the added certificate at the end was a great touch.

In times when we all really need a laugh especially our little ones, this book is a welcome treat. You can purchase a copy here. We dare you not to laugh at the bath scene!

The favourite bath scene!

Harry awards Arthur Skid’s Chronicles of Being a Kid. Volume 1 Facts Kids Need to Know 4 webbs out of 5 and is really looking forward to reading it again after school today!

Find out more on Martins website – https://www.martinkirkham.com

The digital copy of this book was sent to us by Author Martin Kirkham but the review is not sponsored and is an honest opinion.