There are at least 28 bedtimes a month to fill with bedtime stories, you and your children will always have your favourites but sometimes you need something new, something to stretch the imagination and take you into a brand new world.

The Enchanted Boutique Book Club would like you to join in the fun with a brand new story posted straight to your door each month. Carefully selected from The Story Pot every month you will receive a wonderful picture book and a selection of goodies to go with it.

Subscription is only £11.99 a month and includes postage. (currently only available within the UK)

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An example of what you might get in your package! Every month will be different!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why children’s books?

You might have gathered from my website I am passionate about children’s books, I believe that sharing stories with our little ones enhances personal bonds and teaches empathy, plus they are a lot of fun!

Where do the books come from?

I am a representative of The Story Pot where all books are selected with the intention of encouraging a child’s imagination. Every months chosen book will be from The Story Pot catalogue which can be viewed online.

How do I subscribe?

Subscription is simple, click on the paypal button on this page and fill in your details. The first payment will be taken on the day you sign up and on that same date each month for as long as you wish to continue.

How do I unsubscribe?

The easiest way to unsubscribe should you decide that The Enchanted Boutique Book Club is not for you, is to go to your paypal account, select your pre-arranged payments and cancel your subscriptions before the last day of the month.

What if I already own this months book?

Unfortunately the fun of the book club is the surprise parcel each month, no one will know what the book is until they receive their copy, so sadly duplicate copies cannot be exchanged. The only exception to this is if the book had been previously purchased from me, then I will happily exchange it for you.

When will my parcel arrive?

Subscriptions made will be fulfilled in the following month. All parcels will be sent out around the 10th of each month at the same time so that everyone can enjoy the surprise together. E.g. subscriptions made in March will be posted around 10th April.


What will be in my parcel?

Each month you will get a different story book carefully selected from The Story Pot catalogue along with some extra goodies that will be themed around the book, e.g. stickers, colouring, games etc. You will also receive a nice treat for your grown up so that you can both fully experience the relaxation of storytime.

Are their different options for boys and girls?

No! I am a mummy to both a boy and a girl and have found no difference at all in the stories they choose at bedtime. Yes, my boy loves books about trains but equally enjoys a princess story every now and again, my daughter loves mermaids but would never say no to a dinosaur story! I believe that stories have no gender, they are aimed at everyone and therefore I do not offer different options for boys and girls.

Is my child too old for The Enchanted Boutique Book Club?

I am 30 years old and often buy story books for myself, OK I do share with my children but I love them! Until your child tells you that they no longer want a bedtime story then they are never too old. The stories are chosen with the aim of sharing them with your children,, even if they can read themselves, are onto chapter books or think they are grown up, there is nothing quite like taking a few precious, peaceful moments of sharing a story with a child and it is a positive experience for you all.

I have more than one child, do I need to subscribe more than once?

Of course you are more than welcome to get more than one subscription if you would like to but it is not necessary and the books will be the same. Books are made to be shared!

Can I buy the books without subscribing?

Yes, you can purchase books alone if you see one that takes your fancy, however it will not come with any of the added extras which are not available to purchase.

How to ask more questions?

You can email me directly on and I will aim to answer any questions you may have as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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