The Tales Of The Enchanted Cornlings

I have self published three Cornlings Tales to date, Tales Of The Enchanted Cornlings, The Enchanted Tale Of The Pirate Cornling and An Enchanted Cornling Christmas. Each book is written and illustrated by me, Samantha Webb. They are rhyming stories and all of the illustrations are needle felted and embroidered before being photographed to show all of their beautiful texture.


The Cornlings story began on a night when my Webblings didn’t want one of their usual stories. They wanted something new and completely made up. This little story came out of my imagination and my daughter loved it so much that she asked me to write it down so she would never forget it.

Hear the first draft read by Lilly Webbling on youtube then see how it developed in to this story.

And that is when it got interesting … with a successful Crowdfunder campaign in order to fund the first print run of the book. I have to thank my backers for being amazing and putting their faith in me …


I would not be in the position I am now if it were not for every name on this list!

The Very First Cornlings Book

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An Enchanted Pirate Cornling

The second book in the Cornling series.

Dream Of Treasure,
Of Life On The Open Sea,
Dream Of A Big Ship
And Set Your Cornling Free!

The tale of Harrison and his Cornling as they set sail on a big adventure. It is full of all things piratey, captains, treasure, mermaids and ships. This is ideal for any children who love to play pirate and especially for bedtime stories.
A children’s rhyming story book aimed at anyone who loves a little whimsy and magic.
The illustrations have all been hand needle felted, beaded and embroidered. Every care has been taken to show the detail and texture of wool in the photography.

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An Enchanted Cornling Christmas.

A little festive fun you will love year after year, perfect for Christmas Eve boxes and stocking fillers.

When all is quiet on Christmas Eve,

When the twins are enjoying their festive dreams.

Two tiny creatures like two bouncy balls,

Are feeling very cheeky and not sleepy at all.

An Enchanted Cornling Christmas is a brand new story based on these fluffy little creatures that come from your dreams. It is the third story in the Cornlings series but also stands alone as a wonderfully fun festive delight.

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Tales Of The Enchanted Dino Cornling.

The Cornlings have gone prehistoric in their latest adventure

Summer dreams of Dinosaurs all through the night. Magic is stirring all around her while she sleeps and a little cornling who is just as fond of prehistory as Summer is, is about to come to life and take her on a journey straight out of her dino filled dreams. Back through time to when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, skies and sea.

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And this is just the beginning, there are plenty more Cornlings stories coming in the future.

Massive thank you to Chloe for sending me a photograph from World Book Day!