First Try – Marabu Art Crayons

Marabu Art Crayons

I received these Marabu art crayons in a Scrawlrbox and had never tried them before. They came in these three colours and were all individually sealed. They were sealed really well too because it took me forever to get the wrapping off of them. They feel really nice to hold in your hands because of the black grip and the lids fit to the bottom of the crayons while you are using them which is always handy if like me you are prone to loosing lids whilst you are working.

I swatched them in my sketchbook, they are super creamy and they remind me of the Gelatos by Faber Castell. They do not have a pointy tip so they are hard to draw with just like the gelatos too.


I smudged the colour swatches and used water on a paint brush to see how far they would spread. The smudges weren’t overly impressive but the water soluble swatches came out better than I could of hoped and you cannot see much ghosting from the original square that I drew at all. They really do dissolve in the water and stay very vibrant.

Be careful, do not twist up.

You need to be careful when winding them on, they twist upwards like a lipstick but do not twist back down. I wanted to see how much pigment you actually get because it is encased in a pretty heavy duty casing but I didn’t dare see how much further it went once I realised it would not go down again.

I used water and a paintbrush to take pigments off the end of the crayons but they were so pastel and translucent that the teddies above took layer upon layer to build up the smallest amount of pigment. I think they are definitely intended to be used colour straight onto the paper.

They look like jelly bears to me.

I used the crayons once the teddies were dry to add a textured outline. I was trying to use them way too small for how big the tip of the crayon is but they still have a little charm to them I think.

I wanted to see if they would blend or if I could make more colours because I was feeling a bit uninspired by the colour choices. I managed to create a really nice orange but the purple mixing with the other two just looked muddy. I feel like a blue may of been a better choice when giving three colours so that I could of created a green and a purple so keep that in mind if you are buying them separately. The crayons do not have colour names on them either which is frustrating.

My poor unloved teddy.

I decided to add some black finaliser and create a little multicolour teddy bear. The crayon was drawn straight onto the paper and then spread with the water. I think that it creates a nice fluffy bear effect and even though I really do not like this illustration (sorry bear!) I do like the texture in the pink and purple. The yellow is the most water soluble and the texture completely disappeared. When moving from the purple crayon to the yellow I hadn’t cleaned the brush thoroughly enough so it caused a big mess than around his mouth which doesn’t endear me to him either.

I did not have the best time with these crayons, they didn’t smell particularly great although the smell goes once it is dried on the paper. You cannot get any fine detail and you cannot get variation in the saturation, it is either completely watered down or far too vibrant when used without water. I think the colours were a factor in the fact that I didn’t enjoy them, the yellow just melted into the paper and could hardly be seen and the other two really compete with each other. Perhaps with a better combination of colours I may of had better results.

I will use these again but in conjunction with other art supplies, possibly in collage. I am glad to have tried them with scrawlrbox because it gave me the opportunity to try them out without spending a fortune first.

I hope that my first test has been useful or entertaining for you, what would you have created with these colours?

Thank you for reading,

Samantha x

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