New Year, Same Journey, Same Me!

Happy New Year everyone, this is obviously my first blog post of 2022 and I am going into the year feeling really hopeful which honestly is rarer than I would like. I am not starting the new year with big declarations or huge goals (maybe I am getting wiser now I am 35?) that I will no doubt trip myself up with but I am recognising that in 2021 I made progress and I hope to continue on that journey.

Happy New Year 2022

I made a lot of mess in 2021 because for the first time in (what feels like) forever I allowed myself to experiment and to try new things even if I wasn’t sure they would work. I tried printmaking, fluid art, zine creation and collage for the first time. I stopped posting every single drawing on social media which freed me up from feeling like every piece of artwork needed to be complete and presentable, that in itself has been liberating.

ArtVartist Instagram post.

My Art V Artist instagram post shows just a glimpse of some of the experimentation I have been playing with, these are the bits that came out well but I couldn’t of created them without the messes that I made in my various sketchbooks before that. I also released three picture books which is pretty amazing considering I was homeschooling Harry Webbling for part of the year too.

This is the gushy part of my yearly review, feel free to skip it if it makes you nauseous! I have to say a huge thank you to my amazing husband and children for really believing in me, for inspiring me and especially Jamie for giving me the freedom to take some time off when my mental health became a barrier, without his hard work and dedication to his business I would not of had that luxury and I am incredibly grateful to him for that (I probably would of given up without that break). Thank you to my amazing friends who have listened to me moan when I have had bad days and helped me celebrate the good, you know who you are and I love you. 2021 was hard but you made it infinitely easier than it could of been.

Thats me hiding in the back!

So yes its a new year but it is absolutely not a new me, it is the same me on the same journey that I have been on for the last few years. I have no destination in mind, no end goal and I am having so much more fun with my art work than I had been previously. I put way too much pressure on myself, got massive imposter syndrome and started doubting everything that I created especially if it didn’t get social media attention. I am growing, I am learning and I am hopeful that I will make a lot more mess in 2022. I hope you are along for the journey.

Happy New Year and may a little of my hopefulness rub off on you, if not just go and make a little mess because it is fun!

Samantha x

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