Webb Review – Vix The Lockdown Fox by Marion Veal and Kathryn Coyle

When Marion Veal reached out to me and asked if Harrison and I would review her latest book I could not of said yes faster. I had seen the cover of the book in the Shookbop online shop and admired the stunning artwork on the cover. Harry is a big fan of foxes and had previously enjoyed Small Tom’s Big Adventure by Marian Pierce so I thought that he would jump at the chance to review Vix as much as me. He was just as delighted as me when it arrived. This review is of course all our own opinion, we hope you enjoy it.

Vix The Lockdown Fox

Vix The Lockdown Fox is the true story of trust, kindness and friendship. Inspired by heartwarming events that occurred during Lockdown when Marion, the author of this story was gardening and appreciating all of the flora and fauna that surrounded her.

A truly beautiful picture book, illustrated by Kathryn Coyle in stunning watercolours, at times it feels more like an art book than a picture book because every single picture is stunning and you want to spend time really looking at each and every page. With really vibrant colours the images are colourful but with a softness, Kathryn is an expert at painting fluffy characters. The cover is just a sneak peek at the beauty inside.

The story follows the relationship between fox and human as they learn to trust each other, it is a really charming story made even better by the fact that it really happened. It is an inspirational tale because throughout the story Marion feeds and helps Vix without ever trying to domesticate her or turn her into a pet. It was evident throughout that Vix was a wild animal and Marion treated her as such, with respect. As a parent I think it is important that children see that they can help animals without owning them and that wild animals might look fluffy but they aren’t cuddly cartoon characters that should be petted and cuddled.

Harrison truly loved this story.

Harrison absolutely loved this book although he kept worrying that something awful was about to happen to Vix or one of the other characters and he was relieved at the end that nothing bad happens to any of the characters (I was relieved too). His favourite part was when Vix was a cheeky fox sitting in an empty paddling pool. Vix has a cheeky little grin.

Being vegetarian we didn’t really enjoy the descriptions of ‘chompy-chicken’ however that started a conversation about animals and food chains and the fact that foxes can’t pop to the local supermarket for a meat substitute. Any chance for an open discussion with children is good in my opinion and Harrison is always happy to have a good discussion about topics he believes in (Chickens are one of his favourite animals!).

Harrison has a cheeky grin like Vix.

Lockdown was hard on a lot of people in a lot of different ways, this book shows how loneliness was a major factor for people living alone at that time and how being surrounded with nature really helped to alleviate that, especially making bonds with the animals that visit the garden. We sadly don’t have a garden but through lockdown we were delighted to see a family of ducks pass by each day and that little bit of nature made us all smile. It is lovely to hear happy stories of lockdown, something positive coming out of all of the negativity.

This book is really delightful, the story is inspirational and the artwork is fantastic. It has everything you would like for a bedtime story, heartwarming and wholesome. I recommend it to anyone with children who like animals. I do not think that you would be dissatisfied with this book at all and it is one that we will read again and later pass on to younger family members.

5 out of 5 webs.

We award Vix The Lockdown Fox 5 out of 5 webs. We both truly enjoyed it.

Buy your copy now from Shookbop.

Thank you so much for reading our review,

Samantha and Harrison x

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